Permissions on uploaded files to show them from another APACHE website


I want to use the postgres table base_products also in a small webshop for our student lab. Therefore I have selected all products with code <‹ 200000 ›, show code and name on the website, take picture as id for the upload picture and read the filenames for those from meta_file table.
In APACHE config I have added the diretory where the pictures and other uploads are stored as an accessible path. But now, I am running into a problem with permissions, as the uploaded picture files from the product dialogue have permissions 640 … If I change them manually to 644 the webshop (done with WEBSITE X5 and embedded HTML-code for the postgres db) is showing the pictures, without permission change not.
So, my solution in the moment is, that I change permissions by a CRON job every minute for all picture files to 644, what works but what is far from elegant. Is there a chance within ACELOR by some configuration to store the uploaded picture files from the product dialogue directly with permissions 644 ?
Or is there another, more easy way to configure APACHE and AXELOR that the APACHE website is allowed to read and show the 640 files? Most probably the solution might be easy and I just do not get to it :slight_smile:
I tried already to add user tomcat to the group www-data and change ownership of the upload directory /opt/tomcat/temp/axelor to www-data, but the problem persists, as now the permissions are ok, but I should change the owner to www-data …

Any idea welcome,

yes it is quite possible, you can have one virtual host for same folder as mapped by axelor products folders

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Well, I tried … same result - only pics with 644 are shown …alike other setup …