PIM Integration with Axelor for CAO DAO software users

Hello Axelor Community,

I’m reaching out to gather insights and experiences regarding the integration of Product Information Management (PIM) systems with Axelor, particularly from the manufacturing and conception sector.

Our company specializes in manufacturing machines and we handle a variety of engineering projects. We extensively use CAO DAO software, and one of our key challenges is maintaining up-to-date product information, technical data, and Bill of Materials (BOM) across different product versions.

I’m keen to understand:

  1. Are there any specific PIM tools you have successfully integrated with Axelor?
  2. How do these PIM systems handle the complexities of version control, especially in the context of engineering and manufacturing data?
  3. Any advice or best practices for a company like ours looking to enhance our PIM processes with Axelor?

I’ve read about Akeneo that @dtneo seems to be using ?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences!


For me, Axelor needs a genuine PIM. Given the complexity of products, a PIM is essential for every company.

I attempted to facilitate a meeting between Axelor and Akeneo, but there was no follow-up. It’s disappointing for two French companies with open-source licenses not to collaborate.

I managed to establish a connection between Axelor and n8n, and n8n has one module for Akeneo (I didn’t use it). However, it’s too complex for me to synchronize a few things for my company using the API of Akeneo AND Axelor.

There’s too much to do; I can’t continue working on it.

Good luck

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Thanks for your feedback this is very usefull to have feedback from a user.
Did you manage to find any alternative to facilitate your process ?

I’m stuck with this environment for now, as there are no alternatives for me.
And I’m just a distributor, not a manufacturer.

For some context regarding n8n & Axelor, refer to this link: Some starting for automatic production.

If Axelor doesn’t offer satisfactory options for product versioning or documentation, using Akeneo and n8n for some automated updates to Axelor when needed could be a strategy. However, it’s clearly not optimized.

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