Please set coding guidelines


A lot of commits are unreadable just because there are as much coding styles as developers on ABS, could you please publish and enforce coding style (tabs or space, @Override annotations, etc). This would greatly improve the ability to follow what happens on repository.
You should also define a git workflow and enforce it, having merge commit on feature branches is a non-sense and decrease the readability even more.


Well… so I guess 5e5abe7f0 is part of it… it would have been veeeeery nice for contributors to cleanup pull request BEFORE nuking the whole tree with whitespace changes.
Seriously, trivial patches are taking weeks to get merged, tree-wide changes are made without any annoucement.
I chose Axelor because its team told me that they were open to contribution, honnestly, the way things are handled on the community side does not confirm those claims…