Pls help me with this

First ,let me apologize you for my bad English Language.I’ll try to explain my issue and hopefully I will solve the problem with you guys…

Let’s say I have an Entity Request and Entity LaboratoryAnalyse(which here I need to handle with requests) and with its attributes which I fill on the form of RequestView .
So my question is how can I get just to read in LaboratoryAnalyse of two filled attributes in form of Request among other attributes of Request entity and then giving to the LaboratoryAnalyse this two attributes value( e.g requestId and Category of Request) and evaluating true or false by giving some condition…? I hope my question was clear enough to understand my issue…
Thank you a lot!


Sorry but not enough clear to understand


If you just wants to read a specific field, you can use ‘request.getContext()’. It will return Context object. You can get values from it by using request.getContext().get(‘xyzFieldName’).
Also you can set particular field’s value by request.setValue(‘xyzFieldName’,value).