Print Output Design


I have installed the software on my pc, I would like to know if there is any possibility to design the print outputs?

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All our print templates are made with the BIRT tool.

You will need to download this tool to be able to make changes, and consult the documentation on how to use it.
You can download BIRT from their official website:


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Thanks for your reply , I have installed Axelor with windows installer file. Is it possible to install BIRT and modify the designs in that case or I should download source code and go through it?



Yes, you can configure a remote BIRT.
To do this, you must specify the links (to the birt server and the location of the reports) in the application property file.
application. properties

Hi. Why does the website that you linked here is unavailable? I actually do need this too, as I am struggling to customize print outputs from axelor.

Can you explain further on how to configure BIRT and how can I connect the axelor reports to the BIRT?