Problem with TimesheetLineController

I am working on checking automatically « to invoice » when a « business project » is present in a timesheet.
But when I was trying to manually set the value to « true », i got an error in the axelor-human-ressource module/src/main/java…hr/web/timesheet/TimeSheetineController > setDuration method.
I got an error : « Unable to evaluate the expression Method threw ‹ java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException › exception. »

So, since it is present in the source code, i would like to know if it is normal and how can i resolve that ?

(I put my update in this file, because setDuration() is the method called when an update is done in the editor view. But I will move it to my personnal module after implementing it successfully)

Here is the screen of the error :

Thank you for helping