Product Variant

Dear All,

I am working around product variant. I created my initial product with size and material composition wherein the size is small and material composition is aluminum. Now, when I was trying to generate another variant, it is not working.

This is the error
“ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “uk_kmoa50rib71d6kh82rgrd9rpb” Detail: Key (code)=(CAST-EM-001-1) already exists.”

Any solutions?

It look like when you are tring to write a new object in DB with same key
Try to duplicate and the update


Thank you for the reply. I tried to duplicate one of the variants and have it renamed. However, when I saved the duplicated and renamed variant, it overlaps the original and have it renamed.

I made a work around. Will post my solution in a while. I’ll probably have to put screenshots so that I could explain it further.

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