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Hi guys
I have a situation: I want to create a product with variants. This product has a code, for example P123. When I add attributes and generate variants, the variant code is P123-1, P123-2, P123-3, no matter what attribute code I entered.
The question is that: how can I edit the variant code to make it like P123-attribute1 instead of P123-1 (for example). Is there any way for this?

hy @Mykola ,
how you are generation this code P123-1, P123-2, P123-3 ?
Are you using any action ?
Are it is generated by axelor itself ?

it’s generated by Axelor itself

Please tell us about the axelor version you are using.

this is not a big deal .

Axelor version is 6.3.3


In my opinion, for the moment, it is not configurable.
One solution is to extend the com.axelor.apps.base.service.ProductServiceImpl class
and overriding the generateProductVariants and createProduct methods, as follows:

And you will get the following nomenclature:

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Thx @PakMax, I’ll try this

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