Production of consumed parts

I am trying to set a product which is to be produced. The product has sub-parts which are also produced.

I would like all the related sub-parts production/manufacturing orders to be created when the main product has a confirmed sales order or production order.

Right now I am able to get the production order only for the main product to appear. I have tried making sure the main product and all the used sub-parts have a BOM set and a production process allocated but this has not helped.

I also can’t get the required sub-parts to appear in the MRP calculation even if I have a production order for the main product in place.

Can you give me any support on how this should be done? Or is there an alternative approach?


This seems to be working fine in the all-in-one bundle v5.1.1 for windows. It was with version 6.0.0 and 5.4.0 which had the problem. At least in my case.

Can anybody give advice on how to fix this in the later versions?

I’m just going to answer to myself. Maybe someone else will also find this information helpful.

There is an added field called « field of application » in
Stock management > MPS > configuration > MRP move types. This was left out empty in the demo data and for that reason MRP was not working. Seems to have something to do with the addition of MPS in the software.

I’m still wondering if there is a way to get all the manufacturing and/or purchase orders for every sub-level component included in a products BOM.

Right now MRP seems to be the only efficient way to get to these lower levels. It would be nice to be able to click the « create production order » on the product page or on the sales order and get manufacturing orders for all required parts.

Will Axelor support comment on this?