Products show in export file but not in products


I tried to use the Advanced Import feature to import some dummy data into products and after many attempts I got it to work (import successful message). Unfortunately, whenever I went into products the new data was not there. I assumed something had failed but after logging in on the Android App and carrying out an Export on the products I noticed that they are there.

Can anyone explain why they are not showing on the products section?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @Liambakerg ,

It depends if you’ve imported them as buyable or sellable. Then they will appear either on the Sales menu or Purchassing menu (hope I’m translating right because I’m using the French version).

If you haven’t choosen one of these « categories », you can always find your products in the configuration menu there : your-axelor-url/#/ds/product.root.product/cards

Hope this helps !

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your response, it was very much appreciated.

I think I found the issue last night and it was because I had not provided a product type in the CSV file. This imported the items but they were not showing up as the field was required.

Your info has certainly helped me though, so thanks again!