Project number sequences

Hi all,

We’re currently testing Axelor for some project management tasks.

I want an automatically created sequencing project number. I’ve enabled « Generate a sequence for projects » and I have adjusted the sequence for ‹ Project › to suit our requirements.

So, I think I’ve turned it all on. However, when I make a new project I can’t actually see where the project number ends up. I read somewhere that it is created when the new job is saved - but where do I look for it once the project has been made?

Also, the function to set the initial value for the sequence is missing (it’s referred to in a help doc somewhere but isn’t in the actual interface). Any tips on how I can set a start number without having to make 1500 jobs? :slight_smile:
Thanks all

for the first part, i would have assumed it will be visible on the main page, as all sequence numbers (e.g. invoice), but i just started a fresh project and nothing appeared.

i checked the model of Project and compared it with another one where i know a sequence will appear (e.g. purchase order). while PO has a field called purchaseOrderSeq String, the project has a few fields that appear to similar but always have number values.

In conclusion i didn’t find a way to display the project sequence.

for the second part in the sequence, as soon as you created the first project there should be a new entry under “Version” at the bottom of the sequence configuration. there you could change the value for next number.
here you can also check whether the sequence is used upon creating a new project (mine remained blank)

just for some exchange of my experience. i’m no a pro - just started using it myself - but i hope i could help a litlle.

Thanks for your reply.

I am basically reaching the same conclusion.

Hopefully there is a way to add it though. No reply from Axelor support on it though, I emailed them last week. Perhaps they’re investigating (maybe they’ve found out as you did that it isn’t straightforward or something).

If you create a new project from the partner account tools menu ( link : {{ installation URL }}#/ds/ ) then project number works all the time.