Question about large object Postgres

Hi All
I would like to know more about wich tables store large object and create link in this table pg_largeobject_metadata.
Dumping only dump DB Tables data, but not large objects.


Hi @fabiobottan

The aim is only to dump the DB without large objects ? In this case why not try --no-blobs option when dumping ?

Hi @matthias actually my aim is clone full DB and move in different server tablespace if necessary.
I think I dumped it without blobs and in a different server I get some errors for some entities.


I found some blobs in meta_file table, is that what you look for ?

I think so. Will chek it.
Becuase I’m studying the connection with this table pg_largeobject_metadata

I couldn’t find blobs in my meta_file table.

My bad MetaFile is for binary not blob

“The image widget is used with binary fields that stores image data or many-to-one fields referencing com.axelor.meta.db.MetaFile records.”

I think all binary files are here, i changed in :

# Maximum upload size (in MB)
# ~~~~~
file.upload.size = 5000 

And upload a 4Go file and it is now in meta_file table

Exactly then it store physically the file in path you configured, meta table keed file name and path to return.
I did some experimenting to copy a whole DB from server A to B and now some users show this error

ERROR 27079 — [nio-8080-exec-9] com.axelor.rpc.ResponseInterceptor : SQL Error: ERROR: large object 109620 does not exist