Question:How to debug in the project platform!

Urgent urgent urgent!!!

I want to ask, this question is urgent.

How to debug in the project platform.

I try to debug in open suite webapp.

But the result is a failure, and the application cannot be debugged.

So this problem is very serious And how to hot deploy open suite webapp.

However, we must first solve how to debug and then consider hot deployment.

How to debug in the project platform.

Use Eclipse or IntelliJ Debugger so you could put breakpoint in your code. Else give us more informations about your problem.

how to hot deploy open suite webapp

Install a tomcat server, and when your development is ready, just put the war file generated by your IDE into it

I have used intelijj and I have created a remote JVM debug enabling port 5005 with tomcat for test. Run both in debug mode with breakpoints. These work for me.

Do you use the Tomcat plugin on the Ultimate edition ?
Can you upload screens of your setup ?

I have written the medium post for this, let me know if it doesn’t help, I will improve it.