Quotation and Sales Order

Hi all,
My client wants to see some differences in quotation and sales order.

  1. The quotation and sales order to have different format.
    I am able to do the sales order format, but couldn’t find anything related to quotation.

  2. To show quotation reference number inside the sales order. Where is this field under the birt database? Couldnt seem to find it.


Hi Andrew
I think you need create a sale order from a quotation and show the number inside it.
I am not sure it come for free from Axelor. I think you need to change a bit your modes/code.

Hi Fabio,
I reckon will need some config and guess the steps is

  1. Need to input a new format - « Sales Quotation ».
    As per the pictures show, I should be able to add in a new report type. How should I go about doing it?

  2. For the quotation number, this will need some more study.
    Will need a Document called Sales Quotation
    Then add in a sequential number for it.
    Then the system will have running number seperately for Sales quotations and Sales Order.
    Xero works like this, but Axelor works like Odoo. Client prefers the client split between quote and order, which is a headache. Ha.

Thanks Fabio,

In one of my first posts on this forum, I seem to have replied to a similar post

Maybe that can help you.

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Hi Andrew
I would change the code by adding a listener to create a sale order and getting the correct link for the specific client.
And run a different sequence for each (Sale quotations and Sale order)
Because I guess as a client I can ask you for multiple quotations, but only 1 quotation, if I want to proceed, will become a sale order.