Range numbers for third parties

I wanted to create a company…and was asked to create a sequence number for third parties… As it didn’t exist, I created one with TP as a suffix…for Vendors and Customers…
Is there any standard to use with Axelor ? Are these codes fully free to be customized according to the company ?

Sequences are here precisely to allow each company to have its own numbering scheme :slight_smile:

yes…ok, but as there were already some codes (Prestashop PS, quality control QC) I wanted to check if in the future Axelor will not create other codes and then there could be a conflict somewhere…
Maybe I will do like it was with SAP…lol…I will add a Z (for customers) as a first letter to let me know I created this one…
ZTP = my customer third party code
PS = Axelor Prestashop

There’s no issue as each sequence is tied to an entity type, there’s no constraint on prefix unicity (only constraint is company+code+prefix+suffix)