ReadOnly bug

I have a form with the attribute canEdit=« false »’.
From the grid, when I click « edit » to an element, for the first time (after reloading the page) all the fields are « readOnly », but when I return to the grid and re-click edit on the same row or any other row, fields can be modified.


There is an issue where specifying canEdit="false" on a form and subsequently opening that record from the grid’s row edit icon for a second time results in the form being displayed in an editable mode.

This behavior can be attributed to a bug in Axelor Open Platform (AOP). As a temporary solution, it is recommended to additionally specify edit-icon="false" and canEdit="false" on the related grid as well.

By implementing this temporary solution, you can ensure that the form remains in a non-editable mode even when accessed from the grid’s row edit icon for subsequent interactions.

If you have any further questions or require additional clarification, please feel free to ask.

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