Redémarrage serveur pour installation apps

Hello everyone.

I have installed Axelor open-suite-webapp (v6.4.17) from sources and I launched the app with a ‹ gradlew --no-daemon run › command.
First issue : it takes approximately 20 minutes to run project like that (and about 2-3 minutes with a proper Tomcat server and the war on it). Anybody already had the same issue ?

Then, when app has started, I wanted to install apps and also modules which were not initially installed. For example, axelor-erp which includes axelor-talent, axelor-projectdms, etc. and my own module. When I click on the install button in the module management page, it puts module in « pending » and asks to restart the server to save changes. To do so, I do ctrl + c in my cmd window and do a ‹ gradlew --no-daemon run › to restart server. After another 20 minutes launching, modules are still in « pending ». I don’t know what to do, anyone can help ?

Thanks in advance.



While setting up the project first time, It will take some time to initialize and structure the database. For subsequent restarts, it will just update the latest changes.

In case you are experiencing too often, log(tomcat/logs/catalina.out) can be checked which process is taking time.

After starting the tomcat, whenever the axelor page is ready you will see the log message, « Ready to serve… ».
At that time you can access the Axelor page.

You can check here for installation guide docs: Quick Tutorial :: Axelor Documentation

or you can check the video links for installation

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