Reload views at startup

We have ci/cd for a customer when every time we push into a repository
automagiccaly a new docker image will be built with all the modification we made.

There is only one problem, everytime the container will be recreated with the updated
distrib we need to reload all the views to make it effectives.

Did you know if there is some way to reload the view, automatically, at startup ?


we did this by calling the same action as being called by front-end

What you mean? Is something to add to the application property?

no we have to consume the existing action

here is the link for post discussing the same matter, it might be helpful

1 « J'aime »

So, if i had undestood u launch this script after a reboot.

the script create a login and then execute the action « reload all »


it not create the login, it login to get cookie that is required in next step

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