Rename to


maybe it would be nice if were renamed to That way creating a personalized wouldn’t conflict when updating the project with git pull.


You should be able to specify a custom file through axelor.config system property


How exactly do you specify the axelor.config system property? I see in the documentation that there is an example of issuing a "export JAVA_OPTS … " command - do you run such a command just before starting the tomcat server? If so, what do you do if the server controls several axelor instances, each one of which needs its own configuration (if nothing else, the database parameters are almost certain to be different)?
I agree with Franck - it is quite irritating to have to resolve conflicts each time you do a « pull ». Web toolkits almost universally have a .env file, or similar, for this purpose, which is not version controlled, and I do not see why Axelor has to be different.

Regards, Tom