Replace/Extends AuthCasRealm


I need to replace/extends cas authentication, expecially I nee to extend com.axelor.auth.cas.AuthCasRealm to match my needs. There is a way to override this class, starting from a project created using adk, or I need to create a “modified” adk to get the result?

To be more precise: I don’t understand if there is a way to change how the core system (aka, adk) thinks, especially when speaking about authentication and 3rd party authentication

I would like to leave adk as is and add my feature in the project I’ve created starting from the adk command line util

Thank you

I ended up changing the way you setup AuthModule in axelor-development-kit: I added a configurer interface and external property to handle which configurer load when configuriring authentication, then customized that with a concrete implementation in my module. I’ve not found a better solution.