Report from input date

I’m trying to make a new view
This view must be called from a menuitem, this already works for me

the view should show a date field
When selecting a date, you should consult all the bill of material that have been scheduled for that date and display them either in a grid or with a custom view

I have not been able to make progress on this issue, could someone help me???


You can achieve it using Dashboard & dashlet with charts
Charts provides fields to filter your data and display them in required format
you can refer the required details on our guide :
Dashboard :: Axelor Documentation
Chart View :: Axelor Documentation

For advanced requirement you can use Wizard : Open form with model Wizard on menuitem click

  1. Add dummy field with type=''date" in form
  2. Add dashlet with required action view in form
  3. Specify onChange action attrs to refresh the dashlet with if condition so it will refresh the dashlet only if value is there in dummy date field : <attribute name="refresh" expr="eval: true" for="dashletName" if="dateFieldName"/>
  4. In action-view for dashlet, include the date field in context with key having underscore(_) as a prefix : <context name="_dateFieldName" expr="eval: dateFieldName" /> & specify the required view.

Hope this will help.

Thank you.

Hello, good morning, thank you for answering.
I had already done something that works for me.

but the refresh doesn’t work when I change the date
I already saw in another post that I should do an action-attrs, I did it but it doesn’t work either

This already works for me, but the dashlet refresh does not


Use different name for dummy date field and context key. And don’t use reserved keyword.
It will work.

Thank you

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