Rest Post Action Service Returns 403 Error

Hello i have been consuming the Axelor REST post action service using Axios but its returning 403 upon the post request. . The weird thing is when i try the post request with post its returning the desired results
See Image Below

Also with Axios the GET and login POST requests are working and im even getting the cookies (CRF & SESSIONID) on response. But the Post request is not working, when issuing an action service, its returning a 403.

The session cookies are even attached to the browser, so the authentication part should be fine, since i can run other request e.g the GET request.
See Image Below

GET request working just fine and returning the expected results no issue here the the image

I even changed the framework, and started using Angular js http client instead of react with axios. But still getting the same error.

Any updates on this please ??. Currently facing the same issue