Retrieve MainPartner Field

Hi all,
Please advise what function to use to retrieve the MainPartner field of a contact.



I read your last post, and I worked on it few hours, without idea how to solved it.
I don’t know how we use « beans ».
But I know how to use API

After some test with n8n (I don’t know if you read my posts about n8n), and the demo online from Axelor.

if I select : com.axelor.apps.base.db.Partner with an ID specific like 15 (if you are connected to the demo, you can find the contact here :

We can see results. « mainPartner.ID:14 »
This mean, the ID of company of this contact is 14"

Verification :

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Hi @dtneo ,
Thanks for this information and really sincerely appreciate it.
Will try to see the method to retrieve this Mainpartner information from json file.