Retrospective application of "Spotless" is very annoying!

I am in the processing of updating our application from the GitHub source. On a couple of files, conflicts were reported, and it transpires that someone at Axelor has decided to retrospectively apply a code formatter (Spotless) to a mass of their code. Therefore (as far as Git is concerned) a vast amount of code has changed, and it took ages sifting through it to find that, apart from white space, only two lines have really changed.

If you want to use this code formatter for new scripts, fair enough, but it seems unnecessary to impose this burden on us programmers by peremptorily applying it to existing code.

ownes can do whatever they like :slight_smile: we need to be adaptive

Yes, owners can do what they like, but they may find the consequence is that users eventually « adapt » by giving up on this product. Remember that this is open-source software! Axelor cannot expect users to keep faith in, and, in time, contribute to, this product, if they do not keep the spirit of open-source software uppermost in their minds.

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