Russian translation

Hi! I am very new in Axelor, but i think that is great business system!
My first question: is there any way to add Russian language, and what is true way to do this?


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Currently Axelor is only available in English and French. We will try to add new languages in the future (Russian among them), it is in our plan, but we are not able to give an exact date for this.

For the moment if you want a solution to add Russian language, we can provide you a file with all the terms/words of the software in English and if you could translate it in Russian, with this file it would be easy to import it and have the software in Russian language.
We can give you more details if needed.


Great! I need this. I"ll try to translate terms, thanks.

Well, I did it!

This is a start of translation, I translate only 1 file. But now I know how! :smile:


I hope this great software support Chinese.



At the moment we don’t have a chinese version of the software but it supports chinese. We already made a test with chinese language and it was working well.

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Can you provide me a file with all the terms/words of the software in English?


It is better if you wait for the release of the new version V5. There will be all updated terms and there is a new feature of advanced export, you will be able to export the translation file by yourself.

Добрый день, вы можете мне тоже дать все для перевода. Я тоже хочу перевести на русский язык. Приложение мне очень нравится. Спасибо.

Good afternoon, you can give me everything for translation too. I also want to translate into Russian. I really like the app. Thanks.


We will send you the file by email.

For your information you can export this file yourself by going in Application config/Technical maintenance/Advanced export. Here you should create a new export, give a name, in target model you should select MetaTranslation, in maximum export limit you can put 20000. Then you have to click on « Select all fields », the will appear in the table below. If you want you can choose the fields you want in your Excel and order it. When it is done you can export the file (excel, csv or pdf).

Добрый день, я много уже перевел на русский язык, при импорте не могу понять откуда мне брать Binding file в xml формате. Пожалуйста помогите мне с импортом. Спасибо.

Good day, I have already translated a lot into Russian, when importing can not understand where I get a Binding file in xml format. Please help me with the import. Thanks.

как вы перевели, помогите мне пожалуйста. Спасибо

Could you share a translation file of Russian?

How to import back a new translation?

Please, send me this files too

HI. How could you print the correct characters? I want to make translation in hungarian but even in french I have a question mark in a black square where a special character should be.

Thanks Admin, I need the file also, can you send to my email: ? Thanks again

Hello. How can we import the new translation back into axelor?