Sale invoice

We’ve installed and tried to implement in our business after spending much time on it, but one of the problems we are facing is that on preparing an invoice against a product the system does not give an option to change the price of the product or service as per requirement. It only shows and records the price entered at product /service setup and not on invoicing.

Is there an option we are missing to activate…



It’s weird, please check this point :

1- Go here :
Select ERP and see if you can change like you want do to.

2 - When you are on invoice you have to be sure to :

  • be on draft mode
  • clic on edit product
  • product is not a texte type (but standart)

3 - If you use step like “order”, “delivery” …
Try to begin with this document and confirm them until you have the invoice.
You can change the price before the invoice document ?

(Sorry for my english and some french word)
give details of error or what you can’t do.

have a good day