Sales order line unit price

There is a bug with v6.0.0. Unit price is not changed when adding a product in the sales order lines. Unit price stays at 0 no matter what is defined in the product data.


Can you reproduce the problem in the demo ?
If it same thing on demo, please write a issue on github.

Thanks for the reply! I tried the demo and found out that new products get by definition a company specific price of 0 which is then not affected by the general sale price below.

So its more like a feature than error. How does one revert to using only general prices instead of company specifics?

I think I have the solution. Apps management > Base > Configure > company-specific product fields > salePrice . I removed all the company specific fields and that seems to have done the trick.

I am not 100% sure whether there is still something else to configure or some fields which should not be deleted here.

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