Sales should be under Credit, not Debit

Hi All,
Under accounting, sales should under Credit. So my auditor is asking the basis of such ERP solution.
Please advise why Axelor put sales under Debit?

No, Axelor is well configure, and Debit is use for customer.

When accounting for a sale of goods, the account to use is account 707 Sales of goods.


A computer hardware store sells 10 laptops to a company for a total amount of 10,000€ excluding VAT. The collected VAT rate will be 20%.

In this example, « 411 » represents the Accounts Receivable account,
« 445717 » represents the Collected VAT account,
And « 7071 » represents the Sales Revenue account.

French source : La comptabilisation des ventes

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Hi Dtneo,
Thanks for your fast reply.

On the « Sales Revenue Account », please advise where to find this setting.

On the « Accounts Receivable account », I presume it refers to the « Customer Account ». Thanks.


Thanks again.


French accounting is specific, I don’t know what is your country. And I would like to says that you have to be with an accountant for configure Axelor.
Without knowledge in accounting, it will be hard to explain the Axelor configuration and the accounting (with my french knowledge only).

And try to refer a lot to the Axelor documentation like here for the sale journal accounting :

In picture « Ventes » is french for « Sales »

Your question is for me from someone who don’t understand accounting. (sorry if I’m wrong).
sale accounting (or « Products ») is number 7 (the first number from 7071)
buy accounting (or « Charges ») is number 6
You have to import an accounting plan.
Documentation here : Accounting | Axelor docs

And in « 411 », 4 is Partner
401 = supplier
411 = customer
421 = employee

Thanks and will study a bit.
Actually the question is from my accountant, so is puzzling on my end too.


Accounting > Configurations > Finances > Accounting Plan.

This is where every account are.
It’s better when you import every account you need. Your accountant have it maybe, or you import a general one. You will have to create a lot of account accouting for your activity, and more during your activity.

And after, you have to configure on app management (accounting), the reference of every type of configuration for account accounting.

Don’t forget, type of journal, journal, period accounting, …

If you use the sale module too, you will have to define for service and product, specific or general account accounting.

You can do a lot with Axelor.
Keep motivation for doing all that :stuck_out_tongue:

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