Scheduler job

I have created one simple job and try to attach with scheduler at a time it will give me an error job controller class not found.

please help me out.


What version of axelor open suite and platform are you using ?
From what I see in your address bar, you are on axelor open suite 5.1.12. But the error mention a change done in axelor open platform 5.2.0 which isn’t compatible your axelor open suite version. Use 5.0.22 instead.

I have another problem. I try to add my own Job to the Scheduler through UI, spent quite a lot of time but still unable to to that.

I created class HelloJob (copied it from manual and placed it in the base module in package com.axelor.apps.base.job.

When I start server and go Administration > Job Management > All Schedules and try to add my Job then I don’t see him in selection:
Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 14.03.24
And therefore if I press save button I get exception:
Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 14.03.03

Any help welcomed!

Did you find any solution ??

Did you add the job to the designed Select ?

This really helped . Thanks

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