Seeking Advice for Beginners on Axelor - From Truck Driver to Web Development Enthusiast

Hello everyone,

I am currently working as a truck driver for a heavy-duty truck rental company and am diving into learning web application development. I’ve taken a particular interest in Axelor Open Suite due to its flexibility and potential for revolutionizing business processes through open-source technology.

I have a few specific questions for which I would appreciate your insights and advice:

  1. Pre-requisite Skills: What programming skills and tools are crucial for getting started with Axelor? Given my professional background outside of IT, I am particularly keen on understanding where to begin to enhance my web development skills in relation to Axelor.
  2. Beginner Resources: Are there any tutorials, guides, or online courses that are especially suited for someone with my background? I am looking for resources that could help me grasp the fundamentals of Axelor while solidifying my web development knowledge.
  3. Initial Setup: For those of you who have set up a development environment for Axelor, could you share any tips or specific recommendations? I am interested in any practical advice on database configurations, necessary dependency installations, and adjustments to Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
  4. Experiences and Best Practices: What are the typical challenges you faced when starting with Axelor, and how did you overcome them? I would also be grateful for advice on Axelor-specific best practices.

My goal is to learn and to contribute in my own way to the Axelor community. I realize the journey might be long and sometimes complex, but I am motivated and ready to invest the necessary time to achieve it.

Thank you in advance for your responses and support. I look forward to reading your advice.

Best regards,


Thank you for reaching out and expressing your interest in Axelor Open Suite. It’s great to hear about your enthusiasm for learning web application development and exploring the potential of Axelor.

Regarding your questions:

  1. Pre-requisite Skills: While prior programming experience can be beneficial, it’s not essential for starting with Axelor. However, having a basic understanding of Java and object-oriented programming concepts would be advantageous. Additionally, familiarity with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React will be helpful for frontend development within Axelor.

  2. Beginner Resources: There are several resources available to help beginners get started with Axelor. Online documentation provided by Axelor itself is a good place to begin, as it covers a wide range of topics from installation to customization. Additionally, there are community forums and tutorials available on Axelor Youtube and Axelor Docs that cater to beginners. I recommend starting with the official documentation and then exploring supplementary resources based on your learning preferences.

  3. Initial Setup: Setting up a development environment for Axelor involves several steps, but it’s relatively straightforward with proper guidance. You’ll need to ensure you have Java Development Kit (JDK 11), Gradle, and PostgreSQL installed on your system. Axelor provides detailed instructions for setting up the development environment, including database configuration and IDE setup, in our documentation. Following these guidelines closely will help you get started efficiently.

  4. Experiences and Best Practices: As with any new technology, you may encounter challenges along the way. Common initial hurdles include understanding the architecture of Axelor applications and grasping the workflow for customizing modules. However, with perseverance and a proactive approach to learning, you’ll gradually overcome these challenges. Engaging with the Axelor community, participating in forums, and seeking advice from experienced developers can greatly expedite your learning process. Additionally, adhering to best practices outlined in Axelor’s documentation and learning from real-world examples will set you on the right path towards mastery.

Your determination to learn and contribute to the Axelor community is commendable, and I’m confident that with dedication and perseverance, you’ll achieve your goals. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance along your journey.

Best regards,

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I think « learning web application development »
and « revolutionizing business processes through Axelor Open Suite »
are two separate things, even if they are related.

I suggest you direct your time to using the « no code » side of Axelor features (the vanilla apps and the BPM Studio) on a SaaS installation, rather than going down the stack of web technologies, Java technology, database technology, operating system technology, network technology, security, and so on.

Your feedback on the existing features, how they fit (or not) your business cases, the way you design and operate your projects are not only low hanging fruits for you, they are very valuable contributions to the whole community. And where they don’t match all of your requirements you can step in the BPM Studio to extend the product, hopefully before coding.

I don’t know if Axelor or some partners offer « enthusiast discovery SaaS » accounts.

Have fun


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for encouraging me in my journey with Axelor Open Suite. It’s great to see genuine interest in my desire to dive deep into web application development and explore what Axelor has to offer.

Just to give you an idea, I’m really motivated to learn and grow in this field. I’m currently training to become a full-stack web developer, and I’m eager to code the application myself. My goal is to show my company that I can take on challenges in this domain and build something meaningful with them.

Now, I’d also like to know a bit more about my rights in case the project I develop starts to get serious. If we reach a point where the application could be put into production, sold, or leased to my company, how would that work? What would be my rights or the conditions to consider to ensure everything is done properly?

Thanks again for your support and advice. I’m excited to embark on this adventure and see where it can take me!

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Thank you for your response on the English post as well as the French one. I’ve replied to your message on the French post. Appreciate your guidance!