Sending a catalog to a client

Hello everyone
Is it possible to send a Сatalog by email to a client?

To send the catalog by e-mail to one, but especially several prospects or customers, there is the possibility of using the "Marketing" application which allows you to create emailing campaigns. After creating your emailing template, and determining your target by filtering your third parties, contacts and prospects, you can send your emailings directly from the application, without going through an external interface.

Hi, @PakMax
How can I attach a catalog to an email template?

and is there a way to program Axelor and make the « Send by email » button right in the « Catalog » section?

If after testing them, the Axelor functionalities are not enough, the low-code AOP framework, with XML (for domains, action and views), Java (for controller and services) Birt (for reports), makes it possible to develop functionalities specific, as you request them.