Sequence for studio apps

Hi , we are developing a lettering subsystem for axelor
, we need need sequence generator for new letters
Is there any way to implement this in studio custom models?
Sorry for my English


You can add your value for codeSelect (Document concerned) field for Sequence model by adding the values from your module for selection. Then for that Document concerned, configure your required sequence pattern. You can generate your sequence on required event using this configured sequence.

Thank you

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Thank you for your timely response :pray:
could you please explain it a little more?
what i did:

  1. I added my studio app name to codeSelect (Document concerned)
  2. I defined a new pattern in sequences page, then i selected my new form in document concerned field of my new sequence



Now you can use that sequence to generate your sequence value on save of this form. For that there is already method exists in our system (axelor-open-suite/axelor-base/src/main/java/com/axelor/apps/base/service/administration/ at master · axelor/axelor-open-suite · GitHub) you just need to call them as per your adjustment.

Thank you

Hello again
How can I call methods?
We tried to use actions (groovy scripts) but it didn’t worked

(Error: cannot get property ‹ axelor › on null object)

Thankyou :pray::rose: