Serial number for products

Hello everyone
If I want to produce 2 products from 1 manufacturing order, how can I input the 2 serial numbers (for each product)?
I see the field ‹ Tracking Nbr ›, but there I can only input 1 code.
Is there any mechanism for that in Axelor?

Yes ,
it is possible to do.
You have to create two new fields in the product Model.
create a new Modify the existing method which is performing this task now.

What if sometimes it is 2, other times, 4 or 7 pcs? Change the model every time to suit the Manufacturing Order?

We can use attrs in this scenario .

Could you be more specific? Give examples?

What did you mean « create two new fields »? Could you please share a screenshot?

Dear @Mykola ,
You want to add two product from 1 manufacturing order that means 2 product will be added.
And each product has its serial number .
So, What is the exact problem you are facing right now ?