Set Company Pickup default stock location


New on Axelor, I try to make a POC for a customer.
I have a problem to set the Pickup default stock location in the company stock configuration.
I created 3 stock locations but i can’t select them on the stock config ?
Have you a idea what i made wrong ?


Hard to tell, I don’t understand what you did exactly.
We will verify the status of all.

You create stock location :

  • with parent location ?
  • One is type : « internal » ?
  • all of them are associate to your company created as « customer » AND « supplier » ?

Did you take time to review all configuration in :

Application Config > Apps Management > Stock > Configure
« Generate stock configurations ». Do you have a company listed and can you define every type of stock location ?

Thanks for your answer.

So here are some details :
I created a company

Linked to a partner (T0002) defined as Customer and supplier

Then I created 3 stock locations, without parent, linked on this company

In then stock config screen I added my conpany with the button « Generate Stock Configurations »

But, when I want to select a stock location in the field « Pickup default stock location » I can’t select my stock location

On the fourth screenshot. Select « ma 1er Société »
And complete configuration

(on peut continuer en Français si vous voulez)

That’s what I want to do .
But I can’t select a stock location in the company stock config

I can in the field « Quality control default stock location » but not in the field « Pickup default stock location »

Sorry I was busy.

Take some times to read the documentation (whatever version of Axelor)

Just to be sure : (I don’t know if it’s important, but do it please :slight_smile:
add a parent stock (virtual, associate to your company)
the others stock location, add the parent.

And this :
Select one of your stock and specify the configuration like that :
« Usable on sale order »

It was necessary to install Supply chain module to have the tab ‹ Configuration › in the Stock location screnn.
Now It works.
Thanks dtnoe

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