Significant digits for tax

I need to create a tax rate of 8.25%, or 0.0825. This rate cannot be saved correctly. I have changed the definitions in the database to no avail. When I attempt to save an invoice with this modified tax rate of 0.0825, I see the following error in the logs.

ERROR 7199 — [io-8080-exec-56] com.axelor.rpc.ResponseInterceptor : Constraint Error: Validation failed for classes [com.axelor.apps.account.db.TaxLine] during update time for groups [javax.validation.groups.Default, ]
List of constraint violations:[
ConstraintViolationImpl{interpolatedMessage=‘numeric value out of bounds (<17 digits>.<3 digits> expected)’, propertyPath=value, rootBeanClass=class com.axelor.apps.account.db.TaxLine, messageTemplate=’{javax.validation.constraints.Digits.message}’}

Any ideas as to what can be done to resolve this? How are others handling tax rates with more than 3 significant digits?

Hello, I have an idea but 99% probably useless, let’s try ?

How many decimal point you have for price ? Can you change it for 4 decimal ?
Here :

Application config > Apps Management > Base (Configure) > Nb of digits for unit prices

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I have set the Nb of digits for unit prices field to 5 and still receive the same error.

It sounds like I am out of options at this point. I’ve downloaded the repository from GitHub and found where the gradle definition exists for all instances of TaxRate. I then set scale=« 10 » on each of them. I know this is excessive, but it is stored as a numeric 20, so I figured I would split the difference :slight_smile:. Gradle is completely new to me, so I’m still working out how to rebuild the app from here. The places I have changed are:

axelor-account/src/main/resources/domains/TaxPaymentMoveLine.xml (line 13)
axelor-account/src/main/resources/domains/InvoiceLine.xml (line 53)
axelor-account/src/main/resources/domains/MoveLine.xml (line 64)

I did submit issue number #5859 to see if this can be resolved in the core build.

I don’t handle the build of Axelor.

I think that you have to write the issu on github (link the forum too).
You probably don’t have correction in few days, but after that it will be on a update.
You won’t be alone on your case.

For fast production, I have no solution sorry.

Idea : an operation work on the case ? like =825/10000

Good luck

We need your help here @gdu-axelor

Just for the link to the issue here :