Standalone server for Axelor?

I like to use VestaCP - nginx - httpd for my php developements
I tested it with Tomcat and PostgresQL and all is running welll…
I would like to know if according to your experience, it is better to install Tomcat in a standalone vps, dedicated to java…for example…or if there is no problem to share it with other apache technology…
I have the feeling it would be better to put the data and erp in another environment, specially when we talk about the coming rules about RGDP…
I would like to know what other people think about that question…no obligation of course, just sharing to try to find the best practice. Thanks

In my view tomcat is just another web server, so if you are happy to ‘share’ apache or nginx, you should expect the same of tomcat.

The only caveat I would note is the placement of the war and files. You might want to consider your security needs with regard to those.

As a side note we use Webmin with a tomcat plugin, and that works just fine. We run a server instance of tomcat, but keep the war and files in the discrete virtual server (to use Webmins terms).

We are in the healthcare space so HIPAA etc are important, but this approach,plus the use of encryption meets these needs.

Thanks for sharing your experiece. I will have a look at Webmin later in this year…plugin looks nice…that’s missing with VestaCP…Will go with a solution with 2 VPS…one for VestaCP/php, one for Tomcat/Java/Axelor…and of course, will create virtual hosts and SSL

Just to share my experience.
I now use CentOS 741 VestaCP (it works now) Tomcat8.5

I use letsencrypt and nginx as a reverse proxy to call Axelor (running perfectly)
And as I have 1TB storage disk, I think I will maybe add on the same server, a Nexcloud instance as a subdomain.

My only point is…the differences between Tomcat7 and T8.5 as virtual servers, subdomains and some authorizations are managed differently…but I can do that in the coming days…
So all to say …VestaCP is working perfectly with Tomcat and Axelor.

Hey, that sounds great. Perhaps when you have completed it you could write up a small settings overview for us monkeys who are still struggling to get it to work (properly).

There are so many moving parts - 2 x web servers, etc. plus not to mention the axelor wip code changes, that any examples of working configs would be welcome, I am sure, by many.

BTW, I run nextcloud on my same server and it works a treat.

Just as a side note, I’m using Jetty9 instead of Tomcat, and it seems to work just fine as well… Axelor devs seems to have done a good job not relying on specific implementation features !