Starting From Scratch - What would you do?

I have been trying to get Axelor to work for about a week now. I’ve followed the instructions probably 10 times. I’ve tried with Fresh installs of Ubuntu and Centos7. Still, I always seem to get a 404 error.

Last night I even tried the ALL-IN-ONE installer on Centos7 machine and still couldn’t get it running. The same 404 error…whenever I try to bring up localhost:8080

So, I’m going to give it one final try tonight. That being said…I really want it to work. If you were in my shoes with a fresh box what would you do to get Axelor running?

  1. Which LINUX distro would you use?

  2. Minimal install or should I install postgres / apache while installing the distro?

  3. Which directions would you use. There seems to be a “few” of them floating around.

  4. Would you use the ALL-IN-ONE with a fresh install?

Thanks for all the suggestions. The box will likely end up being an Axelor stand alone for now. I’m usually pretty good with these types of installs so I am wondering why this has been so tricky.

So, I have a blank box and I want to make a standalone Axelor server. How would you build it?

it’s maybe not what you want but … do you know docker ?