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I have a question, do we have to have the axelor-open-suite module in a dev project? because it greatly increased the compilation time of the project. Is there any documentation / recommendation


The following post should give you some pointers:

You can start with only the Axelor Open Platform and develop your own module. You only have minimal configuration.
Tutorial here : Step 1: Create a Project :: Axelor Documentation

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If you want to use some of the AOS (Axelor Open Solution, the ERP modules) in your project, a best practice is to create a module (see tutorial), and in the build.gradle of your module, you can set the dependies you want without having to copy the source file.
It greatly increase the build speed, and it is way easier to maintain. The only downside is that you cannot debug the standard code if you want to undestand what’s going.

You can find the nexus with all the modules (com->Axelor->apps)

For example, the build.gradle could look like this :
apply plugin: « »
axelor {
title « Test Module »
description « Test Module »
dependencies {
api « com.axelor.apps:axelor-base:${aosVersion} »

Notice the ${aosVersion}
This is a variable you can add in the build.gradle located in the root directory, so you can manage the aos version easily if you have multiple modules
ext.aosVersion = ‹ 6.3.4 ›

You may have to include some other module, you may have some compilation error, but I hope you get the idea.

thanks for your help

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