Suggestion for translation of "Ventilation"

Hi there,

I just wanted to suggest a translation o modification to terminology in the english version in terms of invoicing.

The term “Ventilation”, as far as I can see, in french means to “allocate” or maybe even “apply” as it is used in Axelor. However, in english it doesn’t mean the same thing and is quite confusing.

I would like to suggest that, instead of “Ventilate”, we use “Submit” and instead of “Ventilated” for status, we use “completed”. There could be other options as well, if those don’t sound good.

Any suggestions?



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I realize this is an old topic, but I agree that the translation does not feel correct to me as a native English speaker. I believe the correct translation should be “post” instead of ventilate and “posted” instead of “ventilated”.

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This post is getting even older now but I have collected some information that may be helpful. Please see the following two pages from the Sage help documentation:

These pages are identical except for the localization. From these pages it would appear that in this specific context the different forms of the French verb « ventiler » should be translated into English as the appropriate forms of the verb « to allocate ».

Looking at the translation matrix it appears that other languages may have similar issues. « ventiler » appears to be a term used for invoicing only in French and the immediate direct translations to other languages are not a direct cognate.

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I support the « Post » / « Posted » suggestion. However, the meaning of the Invoice statuses differs for Advance payment Invoices, which do not even have the Ventilated status. It is a little messy.

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I have to say that I am very surprised that this has not got any traction in the main release!!