Supplier can see other suppliers requests (Supplier portal)

Hi, guys
There is a problem:
When I logging as a supplier in Axelor, I can see other suppliers requests in Supplier portal. Here are the steps:
1 step

2 step

3 step

I think it’s a permissions issue? But I did everything as @PakMax told me. He is a guru, so it turns out that I discovered something unnecessary, or what could be the problem?

By the way, none of the items on the main screen of the Supplier Portal leads to requests from the client. Maybe there is an easier way to get requests than I found?

In my opinion it’s a Bug!

  • Either these tools should not be available at the portal level
  • Either the order lines must be filtered on _myPartner

When is the bug-fix due?

Guys, new Axelor version 6.2.1 have the same problem. Is there any news about bug-fix? @PakMax maybe you heard something?

No, I didn’t hear anything.
I created an issue #8319, on this subject, 12 days ago, in the axelor-open-suite github.
It is awaiting processing by the Axelor teams according to their priorities.

Thanks a lot for the information, @PakMax

any progress on this bug?