Supplier portal problems

Hi guys
Does anyone use the Supplier Portal? Has anyone figured out this weird thing?)
I configured the supplier role, gave him access to Axelor, but:

  1. He doesn’t get any messages that I send him a request
  2. He sees requests to other suppliers (this absolutely should not be)
  3. There are no buttons to answer a request or set a different price/quantity of product

It absolutely kills the whole point of this portal. The whole purchasing module was attractive only because of this portal and automatic requests to suppliers.

Axelor is a very cool product, maybe I’m doing something wrong. I heard it hasn’t been released yet, is it true? Please help, who already figured out this issue

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Axelor is a built-n software and almost have all the functionalities that could be used in the industry, but there are somethings that we can add according to our needs.
can you show the screens or some code where you are facing some problem ?