Support for OAuth and OpenID

From changelog we read that now Axelor (from 5.2) support OAuth and OpenID; but is not documented yet how to apply.

Can you briefly explain how it work in axelor and how to configure it?

you could find here parameters to use for each authentication mode. These settings have to be added to your

I am using Axelor very first time and trying to implement SSO with OpenID Connect using Azure
I have configured the properties as attached in the image

Yet when we get authenticated on the Office 365 site and get back on our Axelor site, I just see the login page.

Expected Output is:
I expect either user is logged in and created in the database with Group « User »

Actual Output is:
I just get redirected to Login page and when I try to login with Azure/Office 365 again I get redirected to login page over and over because the Cookie tells Office 365 that authentication is done on that side but on Axelor side no action is done.

Can anyone please shed some light on this? Thanks

I am facing the same issue as krupamashruwala is facing. Can @femtonext or anyone from axelor provide support on the same. Apart from doing changes in the axelor, anything else needs to be done at the code level.


  Successful in implementing the SSO on web.  But is there a way to implement same in android.  Have successfully done authentication using SSO.  But authorization is not working, we are not able to receive refresh_token, state and session_state.  Is this issue why authorization is not done.  Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated.

@femtonext: Could you please help in this.

Hi, how did you managed to implement the SSO on the website ? Im facing the same issue