The text on the invoice depending on the conditions

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Guys, please tell me how to print different text on the invoice, depending on the conditions?

Example: when we selling goods for less than 6,000 euro, the invoice should have « text1 ». When selling goods worth more than 6,000 euro, the invoice must have « text 2 ». At the same time, there are several more conditions (sales to the EU countries and outside the EU, etc.) Is it possible to create such a condition in the invoice?

One solution is to modify the Birt template concerned by adding a visual dynamic text component in html, including a javascript instruction.
Below, for the SaleOrder.rptdesign example, is the following statement:

for an amount <= 6000 → Text1

for an amount > 6000 → Text2

Hope this can help you !

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Hi @PakMax
Thanks a lot, you always help

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