Timesheet field front end

Hi All
I use Axelor ERP
I would like change date format and also show Day of week (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)
For date column in timesheet.
Ideally I would like to shoe date in this format Mon 25-05-2020
Does anyone know any good solution?

<field name="date" width="100" onChange="action-timesheet-line-validate-date"/>

@siddique maybe we could continue to discuss here in the right topin!

yes, sure

we need to hook here,

Yes! Thanks for the hint.
We are only working on axelor-erp, so we’re not changing open-platform. However I think we have to change it in order to use the mask we want- Because I only need a mask.


it is generated in final war, so we can add gradle step to do above mentioned changes after or before that

You mean without change code inside open-platform?

yes, otherwise we will lose new updates, gradle task will be in our control, what do you think?

I could try! I only need to change importing from github to my own repository to get proper axelor-web package.

open platform is now hosted package, we don’t need to disturb it, need to update file so either gradle task or after deploy step before restarting the tomcat

you mean change that file only in my ERP axelor? than change gradle to use update that file?

Because in my axelor-erp I can’t change files for axelor-web

we can change JS related files directly, and keeping it via CICD or gradle tasks, will make life easy,

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Ok I can change the file! Only do you have an example gradle task how to integrate changes it.
About CICD I’m using bitbucket pipelines.

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Thanks ! @siddique I’m going to try this idea

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