Timesheet reminder and report always visible


i’m trying to create some user roles for new users.

for a test i created a group with only one role. that role i has no further permissions and i added the following two menus:

  1. hr-root, to see the « HR » menu
  2. timesheet-root, to see the « Timesheets » sub-menu

what i expect is to only see these two menu items, but what i get is the following:


the « Timesheets » sub-menu contains two menu items « Timesheet report » and « Timesheet reminder », which i don’t want this group of users to see. There exist two menu objects time-sheet-report and time-sheet-reminder which have NOT been added, yet their respective menu items are visible

it seems like a bug to me. is there a way i can make them disappear?

thanks in advance

p.s. the same seems to happen when i activate the « Projects » menu. Without adding anything more i can see the « Template » sub-menu

Sub menus get displayed by default if there is no group/role selected on those menus, you can add admin groups/roles on those sub menus to avoid displaying it for others.