Timesheets change date back one day on save

We are using 5.2 and each time we put in line items in a timesheet, the date changes back one day when we save it.

All dates input into the system are changed back one day on save.
We have checked server time clock/locale and that is correct.

Well, I think I found the error. It looks like it was due to the date format in application.properties being set to MM/dd/yyyy and inputs being in dd/MM/yyyy format.

I other words… operator error.


That’s strange. I checked with date.format = MM/dd/yyyy but it works fine. In fact the property should not impact the process.
Are you able to reproduce it ? Can you share how ?


I also changed the server locale, and did a views rebuild. Not sure which (if any) of the ‘fixes’ cured the problem, but it did.