Tomcat take too long

Hello everyone,
i have a problem when i run tomcat using this command

$ JAVA_OPTS=-Daxelor.config=/Library/Tomcat/ /Library/Tomcat/bin/ run

I have successfully deploy axelor but when i start tomcat, the sever take too long. In my localhost, tomcat is ready by there is no axelor page.
Help me fixe this issus


While setting up the project first time, It will take some time to initialize and structure the database. For subsequent restarts, it will just update the latest changes.

In case you are experiencing too often, log(tomcat/logs/catalina.out) can be checked which process is taking time.

After starting the tomcat, whenever the axelor page is ready you will see the log message, « Ready to serve… ».
At that time you can access the axelor page.

If there is some other issue, feel free to provide the log so that we can provide exact solution.