@Transactional and @Inject annotation are not working in job execute function

I have used the @Transactional and @Inject annotation in my axelor job class. I get the following errors.

  1. For the @Transactional the error is that no transaction is available
  2. For the @Inject, the injected object throws a null pointer.

It seems the quartz job does not recognise these annotations . Any help please ?

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share gist so I can reproduce

Here is the link to the gist

a js file for java?

Sorry . It was an error while sharing the link. The is the link

inject is recog in job context, you can see as reference here

and here is the reference for the transactional annotation

This is to give you hint so you might see what’s missing on your side

Alright. Thank you

solved ? please post if it solved

Yeah please . The issue has been solved . Thank you

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