Transfer to Spanish!

The system can work in Spanish ?, what would be the process to change it?



Yes the ERP can work in Spanish. Yet we don’t have a Spanish translation. To change it, we could give you a file with all the terms of the ERP in English. If you translate in Spanish then you can upload it in the ERP.


I can do this work, send me the file please.


These are all the messages.csv you can find in all modules’ src/resources/i18n folder

Sorry, I don’t understand, I only have three files in this folder:

  • messages_en.csv
  • messages_fr.csv
  • messages.csv

If I open one of this the unique content are five strings (see attached files), where is the rest?

And the last question, when finished the translation, how is the importation process?


Nothing to contribute for this topic ??

You have the same message*.csv for each modules, you’ll have to copy each messages.csv to messages_es.csv and translate here
Then you’ll have to edit the axelor-core/src/main/resources/views/User.xml to modify the select.language selection and add


Hello jcrodriguez, I upload the output file of EN. U can translate it to an other language. I’m also working on a dutch axelor translation :wink:

Change the “Message” and “Language”. Not the Key

If the link is not working, let me know.

Thank you so much to both, I start this afternoon with the translation.

@itvix , the link works fine, good job, when I have finished, how I can import it to Axelor?

@beuss, I understand that if I do so then I would have to compile Axelor again, right? If yes, I don’t have that level of knowledge.

You can find it on: Application Config > Technical maintenance > Imports

Ok, thank you so much @itvix .

Good morning,

I have three resources assigned to the translation, in few days it will be ready but I have a doubt, will it be compatible with version 5?

I take this opportunity to consult them if you already have a release date available for the new version.



Version 5 is expected to be due at the end of the month. As it contains new modules and features changes, you’ll obviously have new strings to
If you took the “one file” approach, this cannot be easily merged back into the sources, so diff will be difficult and it’ll be painful to maintain IMHO


Ok, thanks for the reply, we will complete all new strings in v5, no problem.