Trying to add a new custom field to employee

I’m very new to Axelor and evaluating it as our possible future ERP solution.

I’m trying to add a new custom field to the employee Model as per the documentation. However I’m not able to edit the field, even though it gets automatically displayed in the « grid ». How/what do I have to do, to get the field included in the edit form?

Custom field definition:

Grid employee view (without editing anything):

I can not see the field on the main edit-form of the Employee. I’ve tried adding the field to the « View » of the Edit form in various ways:

Adding the following code in the view:

  <panel title="Attributes">
    <field name="attrs" colSpan="12" />

Or this:

<field name="attrs.shortsign" colSpan="4"/>

But I can’t get it to display. I’ve also not found anything in the documentation or other forum posts.
Thank you for your help and kind regards

It is automatically add in form.